Join Neuron Automotive Forum where leaders from the whole supply chain will gather to discuss challenges and opportunities of the automotive industry while doing networking among directors and Policy Makers in Virtual and In-Person sessions. Day 1 will take place on Neuron’s Plataform with & Day 2 Will take place in CDMX. 

Bellow you can find the 2023 event program and save your ticket for 2024.


23, May 2024


9am to 6pm


Hacienda de los Morales, CDMX
DAY 1 - Virtual Platform
DAY 2 - Hacienda de los Morales, Polanco, Mexico City


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Event schedule

Day 1
Day 2

09:00 North America Industry Consolidation

Moderator: Manuel Montoya, Director General, CLAUT
Panelist: Frank Gundlach, Managing Director of Volkswagen Bus
Panelist: Pedro Casas, Director General of American Chamber of Commerce
Panelist: Guido Vildozo, Sr Manager of S&P Global

10:00 Asian Investments, Suppliers Development & Gigafactories

Moderator: Julio Galván, Gerente de Estudios Económicos, INA
Panelist: Grace Lingow, Director General of Monterrey American Chamber of Commerce
Panelist: Marek Meister, CFO of Phinia Inc.
Panelist: Rúben Lostal, Plant Director, of Mubea
Panelist: Cristian Fraga, Business Owner of Círculo de Proveedores

11:00 Networking Session 1

11:30 Labour & Human Capital Bottlenecks

Panelist: Xavier Galindo, HR Director of Borgwarner
Panelist: Antonio Velazquez, HR Director of Eaton
Panelist: Sergio Chávez, CEO of COIN SRC abogados laborales
Panelist: Jaime Cardoso, Marketing Director de UKG Latin America

12:30 CASE Shaping the Industry

Moderator: Luis González, Director General del Clúster de San Luis Potosí
Panelist: Alejandro Hernández, Subsecretario de Economía en el Estado de Guanajuato
Panelist: Felipe Villareal, CEO of Alian Plastics
Panelist: Manuel Ramírez, IT Director for Clarios

13:30 Networking Break, Session 2

14:30 Vehicle Sales & Production

Panelist: Justo Rivera, Head de Marketing of Product of INFINITI México, Latinoamérica e Israel
Panelist: Guillermo Rosales, Presidente de la AMDA
Panelist: Fernando Enciso, Director de Grupo Surman
Panelist: Miguel Bulnes, CEO de Caranty

15:30 Technology Transforming the Industry

Moderator: Alejandro Rojo, Profesor del Departamento de Mecánica en Tecnológico de Monterrey
Panelist: Karla Góngora, R&D Director for Forvia
Panelist: Antonio Solares, Head of Manufacture of Metalsa
Panelist: Arturo Cervantes, IT Director for Navistar
Panelist: Denis Pineda, Regional President for Universal Robots

16:30 Networking Session 3

17:30 Smart Mobility & Connectivity

Moderator: Antonio Pascual, Co-Founder of EV Mexican Automotors
Panelist: Israel Hurtado, Presidente de la Asociación Mexicana del Hidrógeno
Panelist: Nazareth Black, CEO of Zacua
Panelist: Ricardo Anaya, Product Manager de Qualcomm

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