Join Neuron Automotive Forum where leaders from across the entire supply chain will gather to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the automotive industry while networking with directors and Policymakers in both virtual and in-person sessions. Day 1 will be held on Neuron’s Plataform while Day 2 Will take place in Hacienda de los Morales, Polanco


7 & 8 August


9am to 6pm


DAY 1 - Virtual Platform
DAY 2 - Hacienda de los Morales, Polanco



Our Speakers

Day 1
Day 2

09:00 North America Industry Consolidation

Moderator: Mónica Doger, Director General of Clúster Automotriz Puebla Tlaxcala
Panelist: Guillermo Bernal, National Director of External Affairs of American Chamber of Commerce
Panelist: Marek Meister, CFO of Phinia
Panelist: Horst Mollhoff, Sr. Global Purchasing & Logistics Stant

10:00 Suppliers Development & FDI

Moderator: Zelina Fernández, Director General of Index Nuevo León
Panelist: Fabiola Aguilar, Directora del Clúster Automotriz de Coahuila
Panelist: Antonio Solares, Industrial Enterprise Coordinator of Metalsa

11:00 Event Break 1

11:30 Solar Power Potential in the Automotive Industry

Panelist: Jerson Reyes, Senior Regional Sales Officer at Engie
Panelist: Alberto de Icaza, Head of External Affairs for ZF

12:30 China Ambitious in Mexico

Panelist: Florian Hanft, Plant Director for Sonavox

13:30 Event Break 2

14:30 Vehicle Production & Battery Revolution

Panelist: Fernando Actis, Vicepresident of Global Research & Development at Ternium

15:30 Logistics Challenges to Unleash Nearshoring

Panelist: Christian Flores, Chief Product Officer at Encontrack

16:30 Electric Mobility & Connectivity

Moderator: Gerardo Gómez Gálvez, Director General en JD POWER México
Panelist: Juan José Lecumberri, presidente del Consejo de Grupo Daytona

17:30 End of Day 1

Former Attending Companies

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