About Neuron Business Media

Neuron Business Group is the leading company in B2B, Hybrid and Virtual events, which brings together the CEO’s of top companies in the country that meet to discuss the main issues and trends affecting sectors such as Automotive, Energy, Mining, Oil and the economic development of the region while you connect with your future customers and allies.

Our technology in virtual events offers you a Networking space where we will filter with AI the participants that can generate business opportunities for you and communicate your solutions to the entire audience and thus connect you only with those with whom you have a high probability of doing business.

Looking for succesfull Matchmaking and Networking between our communitty participants

Our virtual events technology offers a Networking filtered AI space with selected participants in order to provide business opportunities for you and similar profiles, communicating your solutions to the right community, which could be also beneficiated of what you do and promote a correct business environment.

Out Speciality

B2B Connections

Automatic Matchmaking connection, derived from the AI form, answered at the event registration

Networking events

Specific events, inviting directors and opportunity industry leaders, in order to build and fortify alliances and business connections

Interview with Leaders

We provide first hand and reliable information from high level conversation with leaders who are shaping the national economy

High level conferences

Important firms and opinion leaders sharing some of the most important market data, technology and actual political & economic information.

"On our conferences you would be able to obtain first hand information of our industry leaders at the time that, with the help of our technology, you would also get virtual Networking through an AI parametrization of the attendance profile that would help you connect with highful potential leads for your business."